True Story

I’ve been a little under the weather here lately, and I really needed to get a good night sleep Tuesday so I took some Nyquil before going to bed. Wednesday, I was teaching from a Gospel passage at RCIA, and I wanted to be rested and as ready as possible.

Anyway, I dreamed about the Biblical passage on which I would be teaching – it’s a very famous passage, and I’m sure everyone knows it; it’s the one where the Apostles James and Bartholomew are trying to load the Bengal tiger into the back seat of an old, beat-up, beige-on-brown Honda (because as everyone knows the Apostles shared one Accord) so that they could use the tiger to preach the Gospel. This must have been the laziest Bengal tiger in the Holy Land, because it was just dead weight and purring as the Apostles struggled to get it into the car. (It did whack Bartholomew with its tail once, but that was about it as far as effort on the tiger’s part.)

I woke up in a panic, absolutely convinced that this was really in the Bible and that I had to unpack the deep, theological meaning from it for a room full of people. It took me a few minutes of Nyquil-induced stupor to realize that, no, this was just a cold-medicine dream and that I was actually talking about the themes of spiritual blindness, the sin of pride, and seeing all that Jesus offers in the context of the Blind Man presented in the ninth chapter of the Gospel of John. (Whew!)

I guess the moral of this story is watch out for Nyquil. I’m still not sure how James and Bartholomew planned on preaching the Gospel with a Bengal tiger, but I’m sure they had a plan.

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