Saving Baseball

I realize as I write this that there are only about three baseball fans left in America and that America’s Pastime has become more America’s Big Meh. Still, I really think this is unfortunate and in an effort to save baseball from itself I have devised a plan.

I would like to institute a simple handicapping system based on team payrolls. When a higher-paid team plays a lower-paid team, the lower-paid team’s players would receive an additional strike for every ten million dollars the higher paid team receives above what they receive.

Thus, if the New York Yankees ($197,962,289 starting 2012 payroll) played the Kansas City Royals ($60,916,225 starting 2012 payroll), the Yankees’ players would receive the traditional three strikes per at bat while the Royal’s players would receive the traditional three strikes plus fourteen more.

I believe this handicapping system would put some competition back in the sport and make it interesting once again for most people. Plus, it would benefit the players as well who otherwise may be forced to take real jobs and actually earn a living once they manage to run off their handful of remaining fans.

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