Reflection for December 12, 2012

As we move through Advent and toward Christmas, it is good to reflect on our Blessed Mother. How fortunate are we to have, in Mary, such a shining example of everything that it means to be a Christian and to live a life worthy of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Mary Our Mother said yes to God and trusted totally in Him; this is what every one of us is called to, in great matters and in small.

Imagine a world in which every answer given was a yes to God. Imagine a world made up entirely of people as faithful and as dedicated to the Lord as Mary. It would be a world without selfishness, without violence, without lust, without laziness; in short, it would be a world without sin.

Impossible, you say? Then imagine simply a world in which every person lives always as if every moment was Christmas morning, and they truly desired – for the love of Jesus – to live the life God wants for them and to behave in the same way as they behaved in their finest Christmas moment.

This is the life that Mary lived; this is the life that the Blessed Mother and Our Lord want for us. This is the life that will bring us true happiness and lead us forward toward eternal life with God, where the impossible becomes possible and where the anticipation of Advent intersects with the glory of Christmas.

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