Reflection for December 14, 2012

There’s just no pleasing some people. John came following the way of the ascetic, and the people found fault with that. Jesus came “eating and drinking,” and the people found fault with that.

Of course, they weren’t really finding fault with the fact that Christ ate and drank, nor with John for abstaining from all but simple foods. They found fault with the message and so sought to discredit the messenger. Are we really so very different today?

John and Jesus each in their own ways called the people to repentance… but many didn’t want to repent. For many, the ideas presented by John and by Our Lord were too radical. Too extreme. Too unwelcome. Loving God and neighbor; forgiving those who wrong us. These are impossible to accept for those who have no joy.

But wisdom is vindicated by her works. For those who choose to see, the evidence is plain. The life to which we are called in Christ is one of happiness and of joy. And yet there are those who try to destroy our happiness and steal our joy.

Of course, as long as we are anchored in Christ, they can’t do that; it’s a notion I find very comforting when the powers of the world seem arrayed against me: as long as Christ is my rock, they can never take my joy.

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