The Muppets… Again.

As of this writing, the next Muppets feature, “The Muppets… Again” is scheduled for release in late March, 2014. Sending the Muppets on a global tour. they run afowl (sorry, Camilla) of Constantine, the world’s greatest jewel thief… who just happens to look like Kermit.

Publicity stills began surfacing about a week ago:

Muppets Again 3 "THE MUPPETS ... AGAIN!" "THE MUPPETS ... AGAIN!"

Ricky Gervais plays Constantine’s head henchman in what is certainly not the first Number Two acting role of his career and is one more reason to dislike him. More importantly, though, the stills give a glimpse at the good guys. All the favorites are there: Kermit, Piggy, Rowlf, Sweetums, Scooter, Rizzo, Beaker and Honeydew, Animal, Camilla, Gonzo the whole Dr. Teeth gang, Fozzie, Waldorf and Statler, and Sam. Also prominent is Walter, who first led so many of us to ask that all-consuming question: “Am I a man or a Muppet?” Glad to see him back for another appearance with the Muppets

This promises to be another full-on win from the Muppets. My only question is this: any chance of releasing in early March, 2014? That would be the best birthday present ever.

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