On Being Alone

Being Alone

This is why, every so often, I find it necessary to walk to the top of a mountain (or a very large hill, depending on what part of the country I’m in), smoke a cigar, have a small sip of Scotch, and remember why I am alive.

One thought on “On Being Alone

  1. i love the picture but i am 50 yrs old and went from mamas house to a mens and to another mens i went to school to learn life skills course graduated may 29 2015 i am now living with the only friend who understood i didnt want the life i had now im ready for work Will go to school n november for my g.e.d. kids and grandbabies rarely see because i lied for them and always for the husband of over 30 yrs but left the addiction and him we bring out the worse n one another but after sixand a half months of hard work was 329lbs lost almost 75lbs now i find not having a smile not just bcuz addiction but because leaveing that life caused folks to think i switched sides so i cant smile now .but everyday i thank god for another day .and keep trying ….but alone no i hate it …but i know gods with me but sometimes alone on earth hurts ….and to think a smile is a great first impressiin too .back to fast food most likely …i hate alone

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