The Game of Fetch

Game of Fetch-FINAL-SR

Not many people know it, but Uncle Murphy invented the game of fetch. It used to be, people simply through sticks at dragons. Though the dragons were deeply offended by this, it made good sense to the people.  But, as Uncle Murphy saw the general movement away from dragons and to dogs for the role as Man’s Best Friend, Uncle Murphy thought it would be downright unfortunate to throw sticks at dogs.

Luckily, the dogs were very cooperative and did not mind chasing the sticks. Although it took some convincing initially to get them to pick up the sticks with their mouths, they eventually agreed since it was for the good of mankind and the game of fetch was born. Fortunately, the humans were much easier to train to play this new game than the dogs had been.

The dragons realized they were on the outs; they eventually decamped and, except for the dragonling Spud — who lives with Uncle Murphy not so much as a pet but more of as an accountant — emigrated far away from the humans. As they went, some of them could be heard to mutter, “We invent fire, and do they remember that? No. We tell them that gold is valuable, and do they remember that? No. We tell them the secret of eleven herbs and spices on their fried chicken, and do they remember that? NO! But you eat one virgin….

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