Reflection for October 18, 2013

Reflection on Luke 10: 1-9

On reading this passage this morning, I was struck again by Christ’s call to service. “The harvest is abundant, but the laborers are few.”

Certainly, Christ calls us to service of God and neighbor throughout the Gospel, but the service he calls us to is not merely social work. While that is noble in itself, what we as Christians are called to is far greater. Our service depends on a radical trust in the Lord. “Carry no money bag, no sack, no sandals.” For many – or, at least, for myself – this is uncomfortable. Everything the world tells us is counter to this. And yet, this is the call the Lord makes.

If we can live so that we do have a radical trust in the Lord, then we – like the people of the towns those seventy-two disciples visited – will truly find that for us, the Kingdom of God is at hand.

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