The Good Shepherd

“The Good Shepherd” by Frederick James Shields

“Where the design for a window is ordered and paid for by the purchaser of the window, it is of course impossible to secure a duplicate; but where a picture that is already common property is reproduced, the work may be several times repeated.

“Thus “The Good Shepherd,” a very satisfactory figure of the Christ taken from the well-known painting by Frederick J. Shields, has been reproduced in glass three times, and now adorns as many churches in different parts of the country. It is too beautiful a conception to be rendered any less pleasing by this repetition. In all cases the patterns and other needed guides are preserved, so that, should the occasion arise, a picture-window once executed may be readily duplicated.”

— from the 1889 Popular Science Monthly article by C. C. Hanford Henderson entitled “History of a Picture Window”

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