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June 29, 2014

Dear Parish Family,

I don’t suppose it is possible to calculate how much we owe to a fisherman and to a tentmaker. Saint Peter began life as a fisherman and Saint Paul was a tentmaker by trade. Yet the Lord had other plans for each of them. Each man left the trade to which he had been born to follow the Lord; each man contributed in his own way to what we have today as the Holy Scripture — the very word of the Lord; and each man was martyred for his belief in and love of Jesus Christ.

It is a good day for each one of us to ask: What is Jesus calling me to do?

The Lord calls all of us; he calls us to different tasks. Some are called to matrimony, but not all. Some are called to celibacy. Some are called to religious life. Some are called to the sacred priesthood. He calls us to live different witnesses by our lives, and sometimes even by our deaths. He calls some of us to martyrdom.

When I reflect on the lives of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, I marvel at what the Lord was able to accomplish through them. I marvel at each one’s ability to respond to the grace that God gave them and to follow Our Lord. Though we may not fully realize what God intends for us in our lives, we should all pray for the ability to respond in faith and trust to the grace that God gives us to accomplish His will in our lives. We should strive always to imitate the witness of Saints Peter and Paul, no matter where that may take us in life.

Dcn. Richard

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