From the Desk of Deacon Richard…

July 13, 2014

Dear Parish Family,

Whoever has ears ought to hear. Our Lord goes to great length in today’s Gospel to explain His parable. Since He does go to such a great length, clearly we can conclude that this is important. We have ears; we ought to hear.

Today is a good day to ask yourself and to prayerfully ask God: what kind of hearer am I? Do I hear but not understand? Do I rejoice at the Word, but fall away when times get tough? Do I hear the Word, but then let the cares of the world rule my life? Or am I the hearer who yields a hundred or sixty or thirtyfold?

Far more important than that, though, is to ask: What kind of hearer ought I be? God calls each and everyone of us to be a saint. Through prayer and devotion to the spiritual and sacramental life, we can all cooperate with God’s grace to move closer toward the end to which He calls us; we can all become the good soil that is ready to bear much fruit. Then, with Christ active in our lives, we will truly be able to respond as we ought to respond.

Dcn. Richard

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