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Benedictine College students at the March for Life.

Benedictine College students at the March for Life.

Dear Parish Family:

I ask: if the Lord came to you like He came to Jonah and asked you to grab your knapsack, possibles bag, and a sturdy walking stick and set off for Washington, D.C., to announce a message He would give you later, would you go? Further, if that message was, “Forty days more and Washington shall be destroyed,” how loudly would you want to announce that message? That is the sort of message that might cause men whose job it is to beat people with sticks to come swarming out of black S.U.V.s to beat you with a stick.

Still, as I write this on the eve of the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children and having just read a Facebook post by a brother deacon that four busses from our diocese have now arrived ahead of schedule in Washington for the March for Life, I can’t help but reflect on the similarities between the prophet Jonah and those witnesses for life who are now arriving in Washington. Will the message fall on deaf ears or will the people repent and return to God?

We as Catholics are called to be a voice for the unborn, for the poor, for the marginalized — for all of those whose well-being and sometimes whose very lives are sacrificed on altars built to false gods. We are called to be witnesses to the Gospel and to the Kingdom of God through our words and deeds.

Will our witness be heard? Will it have an effect before it is too late? God knows.

Will future generations look back on us and condemn us for the mindless murder of millions of unborn babies? It seems they will certainly have to; God will only suffer such senseless slaughter for so long, and then He will act.

The message is out there, carried by half-a-million Marchers and millions of their supporters. Will that message be heard? One can certainly hope and pray that future generations will say of us that when God saw by their actions how they turned from their evil way, He repented of the evil that He had threatened to do to them; He did not carry it out.

Dcn. Richard

Jonah in Nineveh

Jonah in Nineveh

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