Homily for the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes


Compare John’s account of the wedding at Cana to the first marriage in the Garden of Eden. Note that Eve isn’t named Eve until after the Fall. Prior to that, Scripture calls her simply, “Woman.”

At the wedding at Cana, Christ calls Mary Woman. He isn’t being a disrespectful son calling His dear mother merely woman; He is giving us a theological lesson and connecting her to Eve. Why? Because the name Eve in Hebrew is hawwa, which means “Mother of all the Living.” At His crucifixion, Christ gave His Blessed Mother to John, and to all of Christ’s Church. Mary becomes the mother of all of the living, and we are most truly alive when we are alive in Christ. Mary is our Mother if we are among those truly alive — among the sons and daughters of Holy Church.

8f346b165378459b517d6df9eabd2c05Today, we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes on its normal day of February 11th. We also celebrated it as a parish last Sunday, which we were able to do because it is our patronal feast day and because we had special permission from the Bishop. That means that this year, it is the feast so nice we got to celebrate twice. That is especially wonderful because it is a Marian feast, and as in all things Marian we are led closer to Our Lord and God through His Blessed Virgin Mother… who is also our Mother and who can be our guide as we move ever closer to her Son.

Never hesitate to run to Mary and to implore her intercessions. She will not hesitate to come to our aid as long as we live in Christ, for if we are alive in Christ then Mary the Mother of All the Living is our mother, too.


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