From the Desk of Deacon Richard… (March 15, 2015)


Dear Parish Family:

We have entered a period of growth in our parish, and that is reason to celebrate. More people are attending Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes and more people are joining our parish. The numbers aren’t surging radically, but each week when I stand at the ambo to proclaim the Gospel, it seems I see more and more new faces in the pews at Lourdes!

I think there are a number of factors that are contributing to this growth. Not the least of these is the presence of the Saint John Paul the Great Perpetual Adoration Chapel, which recently celebrated its first birthday and is going strong. The Chapel has brought us many spiritual blessings and it has helped to develop a sense of community and purpose at Our Lady of Lourdes. I know I have grown spiritually in my time in the Chapel, and I’m sure that is true for everyone who makes Eucharistic adoration a regular part of his or her week.


At the other end of the spectrum spiritually but of no less importance socially is Donut Sunday. There has been an increase in participation at Donut Sunday as well, and this is something I would like to see far more parishioners attending. It’s a chance to enjoy a donut or two, have some coffee, and — most importantly — to get to know your fellow parishioners.

There are also many events throughout the year like the Christmas Tree Sales, Lenten Fish Fry, Easter Celebration, St. Joseph’s Table, and others that let folks work together to achieve a common goal: the betterment of our parish. These, too, are a chance to get to know other parishioners, to make friends, and to have fun working on behalf of the parish. I know I have made a lot of friends over the years by participating in events like these.

Our-Lady-of-Lourdes-smileI hope everyone will take the opportunity over the coming weeks to introduce yourself to some of the new faces in our parish, or maybe take the time to get to know some of the folks you see every week but maybe haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet.

When new people come into the parish, it is everyone’s responsibility to make them feel welcome and to help them find places in which they can put their talents and interests to work on parish projects, on committees and in parish groups. New people taking on a role in the life of the parish will make Lourdes a better place for us all.

I look forward to meeting new people at Our Lady of Lourdes in the coming weeks and months. All are welcome in our parish, where we are working together to build a better community.

Dcn. Richard

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