From the Desk of Deacon Richard… April 26, 2015

Please see Page 5 of the expanded online edition of this week’s OLL Parish Bulletin at for a “Letter to the People of the Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph on the Occasion of my Appointment as Apostolic Administrator, by Archbishop Joseph F Naumann.”

411px-Roman_Catholic_Diocese_of_Kansas_City_St_Joseph.svgBy now I am sure everyone is aware that Bishop Finn has resigned from the pastoral care of our diocese and that Kansas City in Kansas Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann has been appointed Apostolic Administrator of the diocese until such time as a new bishop is appointed. This is a time of change for our diocese.

I have seen a number of opinions expressed online in the 24 hours since the announcement of Bishop Finn’s resignation; some of those opinions have been downright shocking. Regardless of any individual’s feelings regarding Robert Finn as a bishop or as a man or what anyone believes he may have done or has failed to do, I would encourage everyone to practice the charity to which every one of us is called by virtue of our Christian dignity.

It would also be most wise to remember that very few know the entire story; certainly I myself am not one who does, yet I do know that the measure by which I judge is the measure by which I will be judged. This is a time for kindness and compassion… a time to be the best versions of ourselves and to put aside bickering and fault-finding.

This is also a time when much prayer is needed in our diocese. There are those who have been injured by the actions of others and there are many deep divisions that need to be repaired. However, we should all be united by our deep love of Christ, our love of Holy Mother Church, and our desire to move forward in Christian unity in the coming weeks and months.

I ask everyone to join me in praying for our diocese, for Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann in his role as our Apostolic Administrator, for Bishop Robert Finn, for the Holy Father’s wisdom in naming a new bishop for our diocese, and for those whose words and actions may have caused others pain during these difficult days.

Dcn. Richard

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