From the Desk of Deacon Richard… June 14, 2015

June 14, 2015

Dear Parish Family,

I am writing this letter from a hotel room in Portland, Oregon, on Sunday afternoon a week before the Bulletin in which this will be printed. I’m in Portland on a business trip and I went to Mass this morning at Holy Rosary Catholic Church, which is a Dominican parish near the hotel in which I am staying. I will be here all week, and will start the long drive back to Raytown next Sunday after their 7:00 am Mass. I’d actually like to get on the road earlier than that, but there is no way I’m starting the drive back without going to Mass first.

Holy Rosary parish is a very nice, traditional Catholic parish with an altar rail, a marble altar, and stained glass windows that feature a Dalmatian in each one. I enjoy visiting other parishes when I’m away from Lourdes, but there is no parish like your home parish and I am always glad to come back.

It is important when travelling to find a Mass to attend on Sundays; simply being away from home in no way removes the need or the obligation to attend Mass, and it’s always fun to see what other parishes might do a little differently than we do it. The Internet has made it very easy to find Masses to attend when away from home, and smart phones make it even easier. Most every parish has a website with their Mass times listed, and the website and app serves as a central point providing information on parishes all around the world.

To find Holy Rosary, I simply used the “Parishes Close to Me” feature on the MassTimes app and found out that the church was only a ten minute walk from the hotel. Two more button presses, and my phone was guiding me to the parish. It is a good idea to verify with the parish’s website that the Mass times listed in the app are still the Mass times offered at the parish.

When you’re away from Lourdes this summer on vacation or travelling for business, please take the time to find a Mass to attend if you are away on Sunday. We all need Mass just as much when we are away as we do when we are at home… in fact, we might even need it more.

Dcn. Richard

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