From the Desk of Deacon Richard…

Dear Parish Family,

Something that you may or may not realize about me is that I am terribly shy and introverted. It is very difficult for me to do things that draw attention to myself. I think it is for that reason that I have a special love for Bartimaeus, the blind man.

I probably would have been sitting by the side of the road thinking, “There goes Jesus. He could help me… if only I could ask Him. But – really – is being blind so bad? Maybe I should just keep my mouth closed.”

Not Bartimaeus. Nope. He shouts right out, and when people try to shush him, he won’t have any of it. I can just picture him telling them, “No! You shut up!” and going right on calling out to Our Lord.

I think about Bartimaeus when I have to say something difficult or uncomfortable. It might be far easier to keep my mouth shut – to not speak out against a wrong or an injustice… but that’s not always the right thing to do.

Bartimaeus was saved by his faith, and he demonstrated his faith by calling out on the Lord – a very real action – and by trusting that Jesus had the power to help him.

Let us always pray for the faith of Bartimaeus… to pray for the wisdom to know that Christ can help us and for the spiritual eyes to see that nothing should prevent us from calling out to Our Lord and begging Him for His aid. Even when it is easier to be quiet, we should never hesitate to demonstrate our faith and our trust in God, who can do amazing things for us.

Dcn. Richard

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