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January 17, 2016

Dear Parish Family,

“They have no wine.”

Imagine you are putting together a birthday party for children, and you don’t have enough cupcakes to go around. Or, if you prefer, that you are organizing the company Christmas party, and you forget to order soft drinks. Those are probably not situations you’d like to find yourself in.

So, the problem at the wedding at Cana is in no way foreign to us. They have no wine. Oops.

Notice that Mary doesn’t ask questions; she doesn’t even really make a request. She just makes an observation: they have no wine.

She is concerned, and she brings her concern to Jesus.

Surely she knew that her Son could do something to alleviate her concern… to correct the problem. It would have made no sense for her to have spoken in the way she did if she was not completely confident in Christ’s ability to correct the problem.

Though this was Christ’s first public miracle, one gets the feeling that Mary at least had seen Him perform miracles before. She knew He could so it, and so she told the servers to do whatever Christ commanded them. And they did.

We should never overlook the power of Mary’s intercession for us. Is having no wine the end of the world? No. Is it a concern too small for Mary to bother with? Also, no.

Mary’s intercession is a powerful thing. It can even motivate Our Lord to do something that He might not otherwise have done. This should be a great comfort to all of us who will one day be judged by Jesus Christ, for after all if we have Mary our Mother to intercede for us we might discover that is the difference we need… the difference for us between heaven and hell.

Dcn. Richard

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