Prayers of the Faithful – September 17th, 2014 — Confirmation

  1. For Holy Mother Church, that she may unite all people of good will who honestly desire to know, to love, and to serve God, let us pray to the Lord.
  2. For our political leaders, that the understanding that what is good for the family is good for the country may be a pillar of their work, let us pray to the Lord.
  3. For the sojourner and stranger, for the immigrant, for the poor and the marginalized, and for the homeless, that they may be met with hands and hearts open in friendship, let us pray to the Lord.
  4. For these sons and daughters of God and His Church, that they give witness to Christ through lives built on faith, hope, and charity, let us pray to the Lord.
  5. For the parents and godparents, that they may be models of faith and that by word and example they may encourage the confirmands always to live lives that are a witness to the Holy Gospel and worthy of their Christian dignity, let us pray to the Lord.
  6. And for a respect for all human persons from conception until a natural death, and for an increased awareness of the dignity of the human person, created in the likeness and image of God, let us pray to the Lord.