About Me

My name is Richard H. Gross, and I am a per­ma­nent dea­con in the Dio­cese of Kansas City-St. Joseph. I am also a web­site devel­op­er and a .Net pro­gram­mer.

I have a Mas­ter’s Degree in Pas­toral The­ol­o­gy from the Insti­tute for Pas­toral The­ol­o­gy of Ave Maria Uni­ver­si­ty and was ordained a per­ma­nent dea­con in 2014.

This site is a per­son­al blog. In ear­ly 2019, I began to face a new set of chal­lenges; I’m still learn­ing to over­come them and to adapt to the dif­fi­cul­ties I face. It’s an ongo­ing process.

This site exists so that I can remind myself that learn­ing to adapt is okay; that what is most impor­tant is how I meet the chal­lenges I face; and that I remem­ber the many bless­ings that I have been giv­en. Also, that it is impor­tant to laugh.

If any­one else finds some tid­bit of help or joy in what I post here, that is sim­ply a bonus.

God bless,
Dea­con Richard